Advantages to Hiring Ticket to Ride

  • No costs for insurance & benefits
  • No costs for overhead, equipment, or rent
  • No obligatation to provide full or part time employment
  • Can use on a per need basis
  • No training required

Contract a virtual when:

  • You need a break
  • need extra help during the busy time of year
  • have a research or special project
  • need help to start up or organize a new business
  • can't seem to get through that pile of should do's
  • you are feeling just plain overwhelmed
  • need help hiring new employees
  • need temporary administrative self-starter

How to work with a virtual assistant:

  • let’s talk over the phone or in person about your project, we’ll get acquainted
  • I’ll email a timeline and estimate/contract to you
  • you can send additional instructions by email
  • relax while your project is being handled professionally
  • results are reported back in a timely manner via email
  • log of hours and an invoice for project is mailed or emailed to you weekly
  • we accept check or Visa